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Dec 27, 2012

This Amazing Mr. Goldstein - New info!

Complement to the posts This Amazing Mr. Goldstein - Part I and Part II


In the posts dedicated to Joseph Goldstein, we were unable to certify that "J. Goldstein, Berlin" was the "Joseph Goldstein, Paris and then London", inventor of incredible nose flute gizmos.

I finally found new info.

Yes, J. Goldstein, Berlin, was fornamed "Josef". I found him in old Berlin address books.

He was "Kaufmann", that is "Merchant", and located in the Lothringer Str., as mentionned by Albert Musehold in his book (see this post). But contrarywise to the Musehold footnote, Goldstein address was 41 and not 100 in the street.

I also was able to check Berlin old street books, and there were no Goldstein at #100 in any of those years.

What is interesting, is that Josef Goldstein appears in the 1913 Berlin adress book, continuously stays at the same address until 1919, then disappears.

This is interesting, because it shows that, contrarywise to what I thought, Goldstein came from Paris to Berlin, and not the inverse! The inventor of roumanian nationality lived in Paris neighbourhood until 1912-13, where he filed his first patent, then settled in Berlin from 1912-1913 to 1919, where he sold the Wunderflöte, and left Germany in 1919 probably directly to London, where he filed his other patents in 1925 and 1926.

And this fits with the Musehold publication, which dates of 1913, Berlin.


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