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Dec 10, 2012

Ray C. Clarke, long timer humanatonist

Here are two newspaper articles. The first one dates of Mar. 31, 1927 (Lebanon Daily News) and the second was published Mar. 25, 1937 (Abilene Morning News). Both deals with Mr. Ray C. Clarke, the « King of Humanatone ».
In 1927, Clarke is presented as amember of the American Humanatone Company of New York. Was this company a corporate band managed by Humanatone Co., as the brand Zobo did by founding The First Zobo Band of New York?

Anyway, ten years later, Mr. Clarke was still playing the Humanatone, was broadcast on the radio KRBC, and according to the paper, was very active in flute performing.

Doesn't this deserve a NF Hall of Fame nomination?

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