This blog is dedicated to the sublime instruments called nose flutes and which produce the most divine sound ever. We have chosen to discard all the native models from S. Pacific and Asia, for they need fingering to be played. We'll concentrate on "buccal cavity driven" nose flutes : the well patented and trademarked metal or plastic ones, plus, by a condemnable indulgence, some wooden craft or home-made productions.

Apr 4, 2012

Charles Fasano's original paintings

Just a word about Charles Fasano, musician and artist, who was showing his nose flute paintings in an exhibition in Denver (CO) [see our previous post on the topic]. Charly wrote me that « People around Denver have enjoyed the whole nose flute thing » and sent me 2 originals of his Humanatone paintings (wow!!)

Charly sent me also his book of linocuts published in limited edition, and I do not resist to the pleasure to show you this beautiful portrait of William Burroughs.


- Visit Charles Fasano's website

- Charly's facebook page

- Listen, download and buy Charles' poems and music at Fast Geek Press

- Watch videos by The City Mouse on Youtube

- Buy Next Analog Broadcast (poetry) by Charles Fasano at Sunnyoutside


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