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Feb 23, 2015

Stunning Chocolate Bocarinas by Ayano

Inspired by the Chocorina we made for Christmas 2012 (please check this post), Miss Ayano Tominaga, producer at Ustream Angels and main caster at UstToday, just released a series of beautiful and gorgeous Valentine Kiss Bocarinas!

Ayano first cast the mould with white soft silicone poured in a Lego box! As we did, she dissassembled the Bocarinas, placed the part on a bed of soft clay, built the Lego walls, and poued the silicone:

All the photos are copyrighted © 2015, Ayano Tominaga
Then Ayano cast the second part of the mould :

And finally, once the mould ready, she cast the chocolate. And as we encountered, Ayano also had some difficulties with unmoulding, breaking the precious production! She had begun with 75% coca, then she increased the percentage (On our side, we had used directly 85% cocoa, and got better results with putting the mould in the freezer before unmoulding).

But finally, Miss Ayano got a beautiful batch of gorgeous Valentine Kiss Bocarinas, that she individually decorated with some white chocolate ornaments :

Then, Ayano organized a party at the bar El Rojo in Tokyo, to present her great chocolate kisses!

Congratulations, Ayano! You did a wonderful work, for a stunning result!


  1. Simply stunning. I love the "African-Aboriginal graffiti" look, would love to see the same colour contrast in wood or ABS.

    1. Yep! Ayano did a great work! Now, let's ask Chris Schuermans to cast liquid wood in the, injectors! :)

    2. Yes, liquid wood must be one of the most beautiful substances I have ever seen, that would be awesome.

  2. Beautifull work! And very creative! Bravo, Miss Ayano!

  3. Great work Ayano! It is a great compliment that she chose to replicate the Bocarina. I'm not share if Liquid Wood can be used for injection moulding...