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Sep 11, 2014

World Records!

We already dealt with nose flute big bands, like the famous German Original Oberkreuzberger Nasenflötenorchester (Der Grindchor), the Canadian SlappyFeatherWhistle Nose Flute Ensemble or the Swedish Nose Flute Orchestra, which are (more or less) permanent bands, but never sent a post about those one-day massive gatherings, generally devoted to breaking a... world record!

The thing is that, although many noseflutists think of breaking the "largest ensemble of nose flutes", organizing such an event is a huge task, and the difficulties (notably financial ones) are numerous to get the event homologated. The most famous referent, Guinness World Records, asks for a bunch of money to apply, then send 2 referees that you have to host and feed, etc. Then you have to wait long to know if your record has been homologated, or rejected for any reason. The fact is you get a 0 answer return when you search the Guinness database for "nose flute" or "nose whistle", which is strange, as we know at least one record (the German one) which looked to be "homologationable". I wrote GWR to ask, and got this answer with no more details: « We have a category for "Largest Noseflute ensemble." However no one has broken this record yet.»

That's probably the reasons that made some other "record referents" to be launched (like Record Setter). They are cheaper, less rigid and with an easier access, but also maybe less rigorous (and thus maybe a bit less reliable), but worse: less famous. Is it worth and consistent comparing a Guinness record with a Record Setter one?

Nose Flute World Records

2005, Dec. 8 - 451 noseflutists
Weihnachtsmarkt, Meppen (Germany)
Organization: André Dausin
Applied to Guinness World Record Book

This is the first record we found. Held in Meppen, Germany, the event gathered 451 participants who received a free nose flute offered by the sponsoring of local companies, and played Jingle Bells. Organized by André Dausin, a Meppener piano maker, the event was animated by the radio MC Joop Wöste. Two Guinness World Records referees were present, Gerd Gels and Carola Alge.

From the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung and

Everything seem to have be well organized, with the help of the city marketing deprtment, which director, Ulf Mensing declared: « Nase putzen, Nasenflöte auf Mund und Nase setzen, Luft durch die Nase in die Nasenflöte blasen. So einfach ist das. Wollen wir das versuchen? » ("Blow your nose, put the nose flute to mouth and nose, blow air through the nose into the nose flute. It's that simple. Shall we try that?"). The nose flutes were sporting a sticker with sponsors logo, and the sentence « Du wirst mich noch brauchen » ("You will still need me").

« Ein Ohrenschmaus!» ("A feast for the ears!"):

So, with 451 participants, Guinness referees present at the event, did the Meppeners break the first nose flute records? Obviously, yes. Was this record homologated by the GWR board? I don't know, but as preceised earlier, there are no record in Guinness database. So?

Special thanks to the Nosy Diva for the info!


2010, Mar. 17 - 109 noseflutists
Joe's Pub, New York, NY. (USA)
Organization: Opus Moreschi
Applied to Universal Record Database - Record setter

With no record in the database for the Germans, how could those Americans know the number to be killed? Several years after Meppen event, the comedy writer and producer Opus Moreschi (James Shattuck Moreschi) organized a nose flute gathering at Joe's Pub in Manhattan. "The record was set at a St. Patrick’s-themed World Record Appreciation Society" with Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson (URDB). Opus Moreschi conducted an nose flute orchestra of 109 people through a rendition of Mary Had A Little Lamb, and the record was set at the Universal Record Database of Record setter.


2011, Apr. 30 - 146 noseflutists
Northland International University, Dunbar, WI. (USA)
Organization: SpringFest
Applied to Guinness World Record Book ?

One year after the New York record, an attempt was organized for the SpringFest at Northland International University, in the Wisconsin, which published its intention to « break the Guinness World Record for the largest humanatone choir ». 800 students had registered for SpringFest, but only 146 signed up for the nose flute orchestra... The local newspaper is a bit ironic, but the choir was bigger than the New York one. Were there GWR referees? Did they really applied for Guinness record? As said already: no nose flute record in GWR database. SpringFest should have applied at Record Setter...

Northland International University and Iron Mountain Daily News:


2011, Dec. 28 - 50+ noseflutists
2012, Dec. 28 - 100+ noseflutists
2013, Dec. 28 - 120+ noseflutists
Shitennō-ji Hall, Tsu, Mie Pref. (Japan)
Organization: Hanshin Hanabue Association

These 3 Japanese events were not intended to break a record. However, as one-day gatherings of numerous noseflutists, they can be looked at alike, despite no (pursuit of) official homologation. The annual gathering organized by the Hanshin Hanabue Association, is called "9th Event" because the hanabuists, conducted by sensei Mosurin, play the final movement of Beethoven's 9th symphony, Ode to Joy (check this post). It's been 3 years it is held on the same date (12/28) and at the same place (Tsu, Mie), and each year, gathers more and more musicians: 50 in 2011, 100 in 2012, 120 in 2013... In 2012, the 9th Event got a live broadcast on TV.


2013, Jun. 30 - 50 noseflutists
Leidse Hout, Leiden (Netherlands)
Organization: Roeland Aerden
Applied to Guinness World Record Book

Here is a nice attempt, organized by Roeland Aerden, musician and former biology teacher, who conducted the Jeugd Symfonieorkest Rijnstreek - 50 participants - for two nose flute pieces, including a 4 voices canon. They sent pictures and videos to the Guinness World Records, but have not (yet?) received a positive answer.

On Sunday afternoon, the 30th of June, people tried to set a new world record. The orchestra formed for the occasion called "The Merry Blowers", consisting of no fewer than 50 nose flute players, performed 2 musical pieces, amongst which was a canon for four voices.
The event was a joint venture between the singing biologist Lord Thingy and the Youth Symphony Orchestra Rijnstreek. Together they took on the challenge to form the world's largest nose flute orchestra.
With a little effort anyone from the age of 6 can get a sound out of the nose flute, but in order to play a pretty melody on it, quite a lot of musical talent and perseverance is required. That helped, because the children from the Youth Symphony Orchestra in the age of 11 to 15 all had both qualities in abundance.

If the world record is actually awarded, is yet to be decided by the Guiness World Records. Before the event, an application was filed and sent to the Guiness World Records and during the performance of The Merry Blowers plenty of pictures and videos where shot, which will be forwarded as evidence.

Vrienden van de Leidse Hout and Leidsch Dagblad.

Special thanks to Maikel Mei for the translation!


2014, Feb. 22 - 434 noseflutists
Central Christian School, Kidron, OH. (USA)
Organization: Todd Martin
Applied to Universal Record Database - Record setter

This "Amish country" record was held at Central Christian School, Kidron, Ohio, during the Froliche Dorf ("Happy Village") annual party which produces several bands on stage. But this year, an unusual event took place: the breaking of the nose flute world record.

Smithville Mennonite Church announcement:

The performance was organized by Todd Martin, pastor of Smithville Mennonite Church and gathered 434 noseflutists, who played chistian songs: Jesus Loves Me, Amazing Grace and the Doxology.

From blog and The Good News, the C.C.S. newsletter :

The record was set and homologated at Universal Record Database - Record setter


2014, May. 18 - 465 noseflutists
Choralia Spring Gala, Bloomington, MN. (USA)
Organization: VocalEssence
Applied to Universal Record Database - Record setter

Unfortunately for the Mennonites, their record stood less than 3 months, because of the one set by the voice ensembleVocalEssence at their Spring gala "Choralia". The performance was held at Radisson Blu Hotel, Bloomington, Minnesota, and gathered 465 noseflutists, an even larger number than the 451 Germans in 2005. The event was organized at the benefit of educational programs.

This is the current world record, set at Universal Record Database - Record setter


Now, who's gonna overshoot the 500 nose flutes ?

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  1. Wow, maître Trüffelschwein, I am impressed by your gathering! Great work! I had no idea there were so many recordings of records! Though I must admit that I have not yet read all, it is just too much text for me, I need a quiet moment for that, sorry :( but I will read it for sure, very interesting task