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Jun 28, 2012

Nose flute and Piano in 1902

In the Reading Mercury, Oxford Gazette, Newbury Herald, and Berks County Paper (UK), dated Feb. 15, 1902, one could read :

And here the full article :

So, on Thursday, February 6, 1902, the high society of Hartley Wintney, a village (around 1,500 inh. at this time) of North-East Hampshire, enjoyed the delights of nose flute and piano, both played by Mr. Ivor Smith.
We can assume it was not a Humanatone, since the brand was first used in 1903. But was it a US nose flute or a British one ? In the United States, as we posted few ago, nose flutes were available at the Chicago World Fair of 1893. But was there any of those instruments in UK at this time ? Yes, probably imported from USA.

What is important to notice, is that as early as 1902, there was at least one musician playing a hands-free nose flute, together with piano playing. Great!

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