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Mar 31, 2012

Hans Christian Klüver, singer and noseflutist

One month ago, we posted this video made in Bremen (DE) in which a German singer plays a stunning nose flute solo on Ain't No Sunshine, by Bill Withers. wanted to know more about this musician, Hans Christian Klüver.

Hans Christian, can you describe you in a few words?

My Name is Hans Christian Klüver I'm 43 years old and I am a musician with both, body and soul.
I was born in Hamburg and raised in Bremen.
At age of 6, I  learned playing the recorder. Two years later I began learning to play the clarinet, wich I did for about nine years. At the Age of 15, I got me my first altosaxophone. When I was 14, I founded my first Band "Blues and Boogie Jammers". Being fascinated in all the instruments my bandmates were playing I began learning most of them myself autodidacticly.
Right now I'm playing (in order of fun & skills): singing, noseflute, the drums, bassguitar, percussion (mostly bongos), guitar, keyboards/pioano. Also I am working as a DJ, teaching music and coaching bands, theater, entertainer/conferencier

Are you a professional musician ?

Yes I am a Musician and particular Band Coach / Instrumental teacher.

Where do/did you perform ?

Most of the time I am booked by companies or private people. Also I am performing at clubs, theaters and so on ...

What music do you play/sing ?

There are so many great genres and ways to sing, play or hear music. When I do perform, it's mostly swing, jazz and great evergreens. A speciality of mine is to write german lyrics for swing- and jazzstandards. Also I use to vamp lyrics while I am singing scat-like solos.
And of course my noseflute - I myself have never seen someone else perfoming with this instrument in a decent way. So I was really impressed by the japanese guy playing the marche turque - way beyond, how does he do that. Especially the third part with the continiously played semiquavers!
Having been (and still being) a great admirer of the Beatles, I also once had a Beatles-Band ( in which I played the guitar and sang.

You sing greatly, and you also play the nose flute : How long have you been playing it ? How did you discover it ?

Thx a lot! :-) I don't know. I began playing it about maybe about 17 years ago. Somebody gave it to me on party. And I immediately noticed, I could play it.

Do you often play solos with the nose flute?

Depends on the type of project or perfomance I am playing - but I'd say about 2 of 3 shows, about every third or fourth song.

How do the audience react when you get your Nasenflöte out of your pocket and play ?

Amazed, amused and entertained. Cheering, applauding. It's always great fun for both, the audience and me.

We saw a video in which you play a great blues solo with the Teachers' Band, how did that happen ? Do you teach in Heligoland ?

Yes, I do.

Have you recorded other videos or songs with the nose flute ?

Not until now. But I will within the next weeks - and I will let you now, if you like.

Have you any project with the Nasenflöte ?

I do play the Nasenflöte in most of my projects. Right now I am developing a Solo-programm, singing las-vegas-swing-classic and entertaining by telling funny things.
The Nasenflöte is also about to become a part of it as I noticed, the audience is more and more enthusiastic! And to be honest - your Mail also encouraged me to envolve my nosefluteplaying even more.

Hans Christian Klüver
Sänger - Disc Jockey - Moderator


Links :

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