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Oct 12, 2011

Free music : The Nempnett Thrubwell band

The Nempnett Thrubwell Noseflute Band is real. Well, Nempnett Thrubwell is a real village of 189 citizens located in Somerset, England. "They" also have a MySpace page on which you can listen to 4 pieces for music, highly nosefluted. And on this page, is told the history of the band. Is it for real ?

« There has been a nose flute band in Nempnett Thrubwell since 1943, when, during the war, 2 soldiers from the Peruvian National Guard were stationed in the village and passed on their skills to the bands founder member, Norman "Nosey" Cutler. Since then the band has experienced many highs, including a 1959 royal Variety performance, and a brief period in the late 1980s when former Bristol City manager and Escape to Victory star Russell Osman was a regular on the tenor flute. Those were happy days indeed, and the band acquired some high profile celebrity supporters, including former boxer and soul legend, Terence Trent D'arby. In fact, Mr D'arby was such a fan that he paid for the redecorating of the practice room in the village hall, and he often invited the band to play at his summer barbeques. Fortunes dipped somewhat for the band in the mid 1990s, until, for a period of about 3 years, the band only had one regular member - myself (Silas Burns secretary). To be honest, I was rather overindulging in cider and local cheese at the time, and my policy of only playing early Pink Floyd tunes and 14th century madrigals was probably keeping membership down. Thankfully it is cider only for me these days, and the band has recently gone from strength to strength. Nosey Cutlers great grandson Daz has recently joined up, and he brings a wealth of current pop knowledge to the mix, having narrowly failed an audition for the boy band Five on account of his hair being too ginger. Percussionist, Dave "Pieman" Plimsole is also a highly experienced performer who once used to regularly tour with a number of acclaimed pop bands (including The Joe Boxers!) until he broke both his legs in a cow tipping prank that back fired. We hope you enjoy our selection of popular melodies. For us, nosefluting is more than just making wonderful music, it is a way of life. As Noddy Holder of Slade once said: Come on, feel the nose! »

I personally recommend you those 2 songs : Song 2 and Senorita

Link : The Nempnett Thrubwell Noseflute Band page.

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