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Jun 10, 2012

Music for the Boys

Lawrence "Larry" Cecil Adler was one of the most skilled harmonica player, but was he also a noseflutist ? Anyway, in 1944, Adler asked the american people to send harmonicas and nose flutes to the soldiers sent overseas.

From the Christian Science Monitor, Jun. 28, 1944 :

Is there a link with this series of plastic Humanatones ?


  1. Larry Adler for Hall of Famer in the Promotors' category?

  2. My personal opinion is that it is a bit too short, but just a little bit... Had it been only nose flutes, I would have agreed, but here... What's the opinion of our other readers?

  3. Very interesting. I had never heard of any relation between Larry Adler and the nose flute.

    To me his request for "instruments for the boys" does seem too short and not specifically for nose flutes.

    Maybe not enough for induction to the Hall of Fame. Perhaps there can be a section for "Honorary Mention", and he could be there.

  4. Indeed, Larry Adler started this because he received letters asking for his worn-out harmonicas. It seems that the harmonica was the main focus of the initiative.

    However, did this spark off Gretsch's "Send a Humanatone to your boy in the service"? I am inclined to think so, as Gretsch was a smart businessman. I even feel that it's quite possible that the plastic Humanatone became the biggest selling nose flute to date because of this "spin-off initiative".

    It would be highly interesting to know whether or not Larry Adler played the nose flute as well... I do believe he must have tried it, yet it's very unlikely there is any recording to prove so... I am sure he would have been very able in playing it! I really would have liked to hear his nose flute version of Rhapsody in Blue...

    A short while ago I came across a Hall of Fame with an "Alumni" section: is there any difference with "Honorary Mention"?


  5. I think any guy who filed a nose flute patent did more for the nose flute that Larry Adler. And we do not accept any patentist in the Hall of fame. Only the ones who "brought" something to nose flute design.

    I don't want to add another subdivision in the HoF. There are already 3 categories, and in which, 2 grades : Honorary for the "creme de la creme" and simple member.

    Sincerely: if Adler had call for nose flute, I would say yes. If he had played nose flute I would say yes. I'm rather sure there is no link between Adler's call and the Gretsch box (it takes at very least several weeks to launch such an industrial thing) or if it was, it was the inverse : Grestsch made them and then asked Adler to add "nose flute" to his message.

    Well, my opinion is that if we accept Adler to the NFHoF, we have to open the doors very wide and accept immediately 50 other members, including the journalists who made a nice article about nose fluting.

    That's why I'm opposed. The NFHoF must stay a "select" club, not a simple list.