This blog is dedicated to the sublime instruments called nose flutes and which produce the most divine sound ever. We have chosen to discard all the native models from S. Pacific and Asia, for they need fingering to be played. We'll concentrate on "buccal cavity driven" nose flutes : the well patented and trademarked metal or plastic ones, plus, by a condemnable indulgence, some wooden craft or home-made productions.

Aug 2, 2014

RON, an Ergonomic Approach - Part III

Sequel of the posts RON, an Ergonomic Approach - Part I and Part II

6 - Clay Fat Cat Hanabue No. 511

Based on the same functional shapes than the ones used for the simple tile clay nose flutes, Yoshihiro Sawada has begun to model hanabue with different frontal look, notably fat cats flutes, like this great and funny No. 511:

Nothing more to add, since the technical aspects are the same than for the tile nose flutes. But take a look at this beautiful shadow!:

7 - Clay Double Hanabue No. 517

This is a very interesting innovation, a double nose flute. No, it is not intended to be played by a lovers'duo, nor by siamese twins. It is a double-intonation flute.

It is shaped as if it was cut in a bamboo stem, just between two nodes (竹の節 - Take no setsu)! This flute is very long, and is really modeled as if two regular tile-flutes had been merged together by their base. Thus, the two ends are two heads, no bottom.

And why this peculiar disposition? You have already guessed: it's in order to provide a double intonation. Indeed, the two fipples are different, one is smaller than the other and thus, produces a range of tones a bit sharper.

This tall double flute is obviously a bit heavy, but is also made from a thin plate of clay, and can be held with a double cord.

Doesn't it look so Japanese?:



Here are some sound samples I gathered altogether, in order for you to be able to compare. Please, remember that I am a nose flute lover, but I'm not a great player at all... They are just sound samples, not musical tunes.

Sophora wood hanabue:

Translucent rhodoïd hanabue:

Paper Family 1:

Paper Family 1:

Clay hanabue 508:

Clay hanabue L004:

Clay Double - Bass side:

Clay Double - Trebles side:


RON's blog

Mr. Yoshihiro Sawada has invented other shapes, and thus has designed other templates for his cardboard nose flutes. He's used to share his new creations on his blog (, notably the mask series (nose flute covering the entire face), including a beautiful cat!

And if you want to see and hear how the Cat mask looks and sounds, no better ambassador than the master Mosurin himself!:


Dear Mr. Sawada, we will take great care of your beautiful nose flutes, thank you a lot!



  1. Very nice. I can see they are well designed, finely crafted, attractive, simple and functional. I really like the sound in the wood and ceramics. Great job by Master Mosurin with the mask.

    1. Hi Don Luis! Yes, you are right, they are made with a lot of care and precision...

    2. I think the face covering 'masks' are outrageous in their design! I am a great fan of making the nose flute a much more visually interesting and substantial instrument. Once again, Mr Sawada has greatly contributed to the design!

      The other thing I truly like is the double clay flute, for resembling a section of bamboo, besides looking much more substantial and interesting than an ordinary nose flute. I think the small 'cat' flute is adorable and just the thing to get kids into the nose flute as an instrument. It really reminds me of a face-shaped ocarina.

      I really like the tone of the Paper Family 1, 4th excerpt. I also really like the bass side of the double clay flute. I have always been looking for a rich, reedy and deep tone in nose fluting, as my aim has always been to make the nose flute sound as professional and as 'flutey' as possible, defying the general opinion of the nose flute as a toy instrument at best.

    3. Thank you for the comment Maikel!
      On my side, when I come back from holidays, Iwould like to cut a "mask" in a metal sheet...

      PS: have you read you remail (I sent you one..) ?

    4. There must be so many options, ranging from a Greek theater to a Roman cavalry mask, and from a Venetian to a Darth Vader mask, not to mention a Robocop helmet ...! One for every section of the performance...

      It would be very cool to have some sort of a sound effect incorporated, either acoustic or electric/digital.