This blog is dedicated to the sublime instruments called nose flutes and which produce the most divine sound ever. We have chosen to discard all the native models from S. Pacific and Asia, for they need fingering to be played. We'll concentrate on "buccal cavity driven" nose flutes : the well patented and trademarked metal or plastic ones, plus, by a condemnable indulgence, some wooden craft or home-made productions.

Jul 27, 2014

RAOUL Archives!... from last Summer:)

I finally made the cut of 4 videos from last Summer RAOUL sessions (Rassemblement Alcoolisé Obligatoire des Ukulélistes Libertaires : "Libertarian Ukulelists Alcoholized and Mandatory Gathering"). There are nose flute playing in 3 of them, but I particularly recommend the "Part 2 : Public Concert" (an audience of... 10 people:), which opens on an excerpt with nose flute, lute and baroque viol (the Nosy Diva, LuthVal and Hélène). But Part #3, the one without nose flute, is a little gem!!!

Part 1 : Life in Pied-Pouzin (RAOUL) (12'41)

Part 2 : Public Concert (tous les RAOUListes) (9'49)

Part 3 : Confidential Clip (3'41)

Part 4 : Commercial Clip commercial (3'12)

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