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Feb 2, 2013

The Reveries - Postpunk Canadian nose flute

Eye Weekly was a free newspaper published in Toronto, Canada, from 1991 until 2011. Here is a front cover dating of 2007, with The Reveries as main topic and a huge purple plastic Humanatone held with a rubber band:

The Reveries is a Toronto trio lead by Eric Chenaux. They used to play post-punk covers of country music, distorted, out of tune and staggering, and have evolved to "sweet Jazz" (well... as distorted:).

« The Reveries sing and play standards – from Cole Porter to Nick Cave. They call what they do sweet jazz. It is, but in an altered state precipitating an altered state. This would be hallucinogenic music if hallucinations were real (there are no illusions at work here). This figures – in any setting, all three are insidiously mind-bending musicians. » []

The band is composed of:

Eric Chenaux: vocals, mouth-speaker, electric guitar, harmonica
Ryan Driver: vocals, mouth-speaker, mouth-microphone, quasi-ruler bass, thumbs-reeds
Doug Tielli: vocals, mouth-speaker, electric guitar, nose flute, saw

Doug Tielli plays the nose flute as a background instrument, but also holds solos or weaves approximative melodies, as flangy as the others instruments do. The Reveries have a very specific approach to music, a kind of cool punk dandyism. They have released 4 CDs, and most of the tracks have a nose flute part.

- Blasé Kisses, 2003.
- Live in Bologna, 2007.
- Matchmakers Vol. 1: The Music of Willie Nelson, 2008.
- Matchmakers Vol 2.: The Music of Sade, 2012.

The Reveries music has clearly evolved with time, towards what they call "sweet Jazz".

You can listen to The Reveries :

- on their MySpace page (I particularly recommend to you December Days, I Let My Mind Wander and I've Just Destroyed The World...)

- on (strangely not in .us or .ca): Blasé Kisses, Live in Bologna and The Music of Willie Nelson

- on : The Music of Sade


You also can buy the physical CDs :

- at for the 3 first ones.

- at, for the last one

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  1. Really sensible lo-fi flow that could only have come from North America, with a great modern day jug band feel to it! A proper contribution.