This blog is dedicated to the sublime instruments called nose flutes and which produce the most divine sound ever. We have chosen to discard all the native models from S. Pacific and Asia, for they need fingering to be played. We'll concentrate on "buccal cavity driven" nose flutes : the well patented and trademarked metal or plastic ones, plus, by a condemnable indulgence, some wooden craft or home-made productions.

Jun 3, 2012

Easy & Cheap Home Made Hanabue

Our friend Hiroshi Tachibana, whose website, full of experiments about nose flutes, was presented here, has invented a simple way to create home made nose flutes.
His idea is to hack a cheap plastic recorder, in order to reuse its fipple! Quite clever!
Based on the same principle, Mr. Tachibana presents 3 other hacks to make easily a nose flute.

Here is the original page in Japanese
And here is the page translated by Google.


  1. Très interessant! T'as l'essayé déjà? Il faut..
    acheter les recorders dans le marché aux puces!
    best wishes from the Nosy Diva

  2. Hello dear Nosy Diva,
    No I never tried that yet. But it's very interesting! Yes, we need to buy cheap recorders at flea market :)

    Have a nice night,


  3. Thanks, UkeHeidi and Nosy Diva.
    Those are in production. The length between nose and upper lip is too long and too thick. Guide of nasal breathing is still insufficient.
    The recorder made in china is very cheap(about one dollar) in Japan.

  4. Dear Hiroshi,

    You had a very good idea there! Maybe it must be affined, but it is very cleaver!

    All the best to you,

    Antoine / UkeHeidi

  5. Dear Antoine,
    Please try!
    You have excellent technique and tools.

  6. Thank you! Yes, we will try!