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Oct 16, 2014

Aniada A Noar

Aniada A Noar (literally "Each one a fool" in Styrian) is a folk music band born in Styria, a South-East state of Austria. The group was formed in 1981, and is composed of high talented musicians, playing violin, guitar, accordion, bagpipes, jew's harp and several other instruments, among which the nose flute plays an interesting role. Aniada A Noar has published 16 CDs and tours in many countries.

The band is now composed of
- Wolfgang Moitz: flutes, bagpipes, accordion, Jew's harp, nose flute, Piffero. He sings and composes.
- Rupert Pfundner: violin, mandolin, jaw harp, musical saw, bagpipes, nose flute, Piffero, singing
- Andreas Safer: accordion, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, nose flute, vocals. He composes and writes.

As you can see it, all three of them play the nose flute...

Photo: Johannes Gellner

For sure, being from Styria too, the Aniada A Noar members play the wooden Nasenflöten made by Heinrich Handler:

Photo: Marliese Mendel

I don't know when they began to play nose flute on stage or in recordings, but it is at least in 2003, since the instrument features explicitly on (at least) 4 CDs by Aniada A Noar.

2003: Tanzl
2007: Polka Potente
2012: Gott und die Welt
2013: Khult

Anyway, in the 2 first records mentioned above, the nose flute is almost not distinguishable, because mixed with too many instruments and flutes. But the 2 songs featuring Nasenflöten in Gott und die Welt and Khult are really pushed on foreground.

The nose flute on Stolperer (from the CD Gott und die Welt) is a bit weird because played in a very folkloric way. You can listen to it here: Stolperer

And here is a video showing Romanze, the only song in Khult played with nose flutes. But no less than 3 of them! Enjoy:

There are also 2 other versions of this song that you can watch here and here.


To read more and/or buy Aniada A Noar CDs and books:


  1. Brilliant band! Superb combination of interesting acoustic instruments. Great choice of song as well. It sounds like a seamless mix of Celtic, French Renaissance and Tiroler music to me. I love the polyphonic nose flute part.

    First noseflutist/violinist Andreas Safer really plays the nose flute well. he is actually making music on it with his dynamics and perfect pitch.

    1. The last CD "Khult" is really impressive in quality and diversity, very modern with a certain link with the tradition, a great CD.

  2. Many thanks for the tip! I love this clip: Totally agree with your description.

    I am a fan of Andreas Safer's, love his yodelling style singing, nothing tacky about it. The harmonic singing towards the end is really strong. Am really impressed how Safer also masters the bagpipes, as he does the violin and the nose flute. Great soloist, who reminds me of the last surviving member of The Dubliners, John Sheahan: same quality on each level. Would love to play with this man one day.