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Jul 13, 2014

Schwan Special Colors

As mentionned earlier, the "Swan logo" nose flute was patented and produces by Weidlich & Lohse, in Göttingen, from 1955. The German production stopped around 1985 and started again in China (probably for Stölzel, Germany) from around 1997.
The moulds seem to be still the original ones (as we saw here), but type of plastics has changed (the overal quality has really decreased) and the vintage colors have been replaced by 6 flashy ones : white, yellow, purple, green red and dark blue.

However, when they change the colors in production at the factory, it always happens that a series of rare colors are produced, resulting of the mix of the former PVC pellets and the new ones. Sometimes, even rarer, some great swirled marblelized colors appear (see this beautiful sample owned by Mr. Mei). Instead of throwing the parts away, as rejects, the factory assemble those rare Nasenflöten. And when you buy a big bag (100 or so) of the regular flutes, you may get one or two of those collectors.

I found a German "source" where they put aside those little monsters when they appear in their shop, and they kindly accepted to sell their stock of intermediate colors at the regular price.

I was so glad to discover a yellow-translucent body and a swirled red top!

Look at this gradation from yellow to red (there is no orange color in the regular production):

Indeed, the regular Swan color chart is very poor, flashy, vulgar (exhaustive chart):

Now look at those intermediate production colors (just a sample):

Very near the vintage Schwan tints, aren't they? (just a sample here too):


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