This blog is dedicated to the sublime instruments called nose flutes and which produce the most divine sound ever. We have chosen to discard all the native models from S. Pacific and Asia, for they need fingering to be played. We'll concentrate on "buccal cavity driven" nose flutes : the well patented and trademarked metal or plastic ones, plus, by a condemnable indulgence, some wooden craft or home-made productions.

Jul 12, 2014

Fuppy and the book "鼻笛って楽しいね" - PARTS 2 & 3

Sequel of the post Fuppy and the book "鼻笛って楽しいね" - PART 1

PART 2 - The CD

As we already wrote in the first part, the CD contains 26 tracks, split in 3 sections: songs 1-7 are for "nose flute training in the mood for a walk", selected to be played "while dancing". The 8-13 are dedicated to "Nutrition - nose flute relaxes the mind" (google translation:). All of them supervised by sensei Mosurin, for sure. And the last 14-26 songs form a selection of tunes in a nose flute karaoke mode. They were recorded by the famous japanese band Begin.

The CD songs are obviously dedicated to a young public.

1 The Echo
2 C-D-E Song
3 Chiyorachi
4 The Bear in the Forest
5 The Toy Chiyachiyachiya
6 Under the Trees of a Large Chestnut Grove
7 Summer Memories
8 El Condor Pasa
9 Edelweiss
10 Home
11 Beach Song
12 Tears
13 Koyake Sunset

14-26 Karaoke mode

The CD got the benefit of a high quality production, with elaborated arrangements (with a bad sounding synthesized flute, though) and very good recordings. You certainly wouldn't listen to it alone, but it surely provides a great accompaniment for practicing your nosefluting. The first tunes begin with some step noises as rhythm indications. Yes, music for children, but really not so cheesy, thanks to the rock'n'roll soul of Mr. Higa SakaeNoboru the sanshin/guitar player of Begin.

Here is a short excerpt:

As announced, the 8 to 13 songs are intended for mind relaxation, and are no more especially "children oriented".

Here is the beginning of El Condor Pasa :

Finally, the songs 14-26 are the tracks of the 13 songs without the flute melodies, in order to play nose flute over them, in a karaoke mode:

PART 3 - Fuppy

Fuppy is the sweet little name given to the child-sized ABS plastic nose flute embedded with the book. It is also called "Begin nose flute", as it is more or less endorsed by the Japaese band Begin, or "Adachi nose flute" from the place near Tokyo it was designed by Mr. Katada [please refer to this post for more info].

From the prototypes Mr. Mosurin had sent to us, only the color changed. When you buy the Happy Nose Flute book, you can set your choice on a white/very light grey Fuppy, or a dark chocolate one (the prototype was ivory/butternut).

As we previously shown in the prototype review, the main innovation in Fuppy's design is its ability to be easily opened in order to clean it. I guess this is a very important feature for parents buying a "nose" flute to their child (so few people know that our nose is much more cleaner, on a bacterial point of view, than is our mouth...).

On the sound side, as we wrote in our review (nothing has changed!): the Adachi-beginner reveals itself to be a great player! The tonality range is equilibrated, sharp oriented though. It is easy to produce precise sounds. The airway is short, and the notes are neat, the changes, immediate. Adachi is very sensitive, allowing series of quick notes. Very few air is needed to make the instrument whistle. Any effect, like tremolos or vibratos, are really easy to produce. I must say that this flute is a hi-end instrument.

Here is some sound samples:


  1. It is good to have a quality affordable instrument with instructions for kids.

    If it sells well in Japan maybe they could produce international editions.

    It may also inspire someone else to write a book on the nose flute for the rest of the world. I can think of more than one person who could do it.

    I will ask friends and relatives to see if I can find a contact in Japan and buy one or two fuppi.

  2. Hello Don Luis!
    Well, maybe someone's already working at that!

    Have a nice day!

  3. Great post, thanks for all the work you put in that! It inspires me to get out my fuppi also and practice a bit, and try out the playalong music.
    And I liked your sound sample very much (the second one)- what is the tune? Very sincerely, the one and only Nosy Diva

    1. Hello Miss Diva! The tube is "Chan Chan" by Buena Vista Social Club :