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Oct 31, 2012

Two other Humanatone Ads

Another evidence that the Magic (Nose) Flute was the same product that the Humanatone. In this 1932 Johnson Smith novelties catalog, the picture displayed for the Magic Flute is a Humanatone, on which you can read the name. And the texts says « Magic Flute, or Humanatone », both with caps initials, because they are used as proper nouns.

Funny to notice it was presented together with the "Nose Blower" (which was a kind of nasty device called nowadays "fart whistle")

As already noticed before, the name Magic (Nose) Flute seems to be have been used in novelties and toys catalogs, while the brand Humanatone was reserved to music instruments ones. However, with the time, things became more intricated, and the novelties dealers added the name Humanatone to take benefit of its fame.

So, in the 1930's, the noun Humanatone also appears alone in pure toys catalogs. This ad in the 1931 Kindel Graham catalog was classified in the jokes section, not in the music instruments one.


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  1. Every time I am ever so surprised and excited to see new additions to the historic sources related to the nose flute. It makes me wonder how many more there could be out there!