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Jun 7, 2016

Häisd'n'däisd...vomm mee!

Häisd'n'däisd...vomm mee! is a German folk and regionalist band. They perform in their region — the Franconia – which is located in the northern Bavaria.

Häisd'n'däisd...vomm mee!, in Franconian dialect, means 'Hüben und drüben... vom Main!' in German, i.e. 'On both sides… of the Main river!', which a geographical description of the Franconia.

The band has recorded several CD, amongst which, in 2013, 'Nä, ich hald mei Goschn ned' ('No, I don't shut my mouth') featuring 24 (!) songs. The #6 is named 'Concertino für 3 Nasenflöten' (in German. Schade! I would have liked to learn how to say 'nose flute' in Franconian...)

The piece is played with three wooden nose flutes, an accordion and percussions. After a short intro, there is an a capella sung stanza (Big thanks to the Nosy Diva for the translation!):

Sicher staunt und fragt ihr euch
Warum blast ihr net auf Schläuch
Oder gar auf langen Rohren
Dafür seid ihr doch geboren
Weil wir euch beweisen wollen
Nasen sind viel mehr als Knollen
Und das ist ja grad das Schöne
Uns’re produzieren Töne.

which means:

Surely you are wondering
Why are you not blowing (on) hoses
Or even (on) long rods
Because you are born for that.
The reason is that we want to prove to you
Noses are much more than conks
And that is the beautiful part
Ours produce sounds.

Fränkischer Tag, Mar. 25, 2013:

Here an excerpt of the Concertino (just a shorty, for copyright reasons. The total piece is 3'25" long):

Here is another excerpt found on Youtube:

You can order the CD from Häisd'n'däisd...vomm mee website or from Zachmuzic-shop

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