This blog is dedicated to the sublime instruments called nose flutes and which produce the most divine sound ever. We have chosen to discard all the native models from S. Pacific and Asia, for they need fingering to be played. We'll concentrate on "buccal cavity driven" nose flutes : the well patented and trademarked metal or plastic ones, plus, by a condemnable indulgence, some wooden craft or home-made productions.

May 25, 2016

Nose Flute Tale by Valéry Sauvage

You certainly remember UkeVal (aka LuthVal), the great and prolific ukulele and luth player, beacause we published here several of his nose flute videos (here, for instance).

Mr. Valéry Sauvage is not only a musician, he is also a painter, a poet and a writer! And this multi-artist just published Pantins, Lutins, Nains de jardin… (et autres billevesées), a 223 pages book containing 12 beautiful and funny tales. They mix fairy stories with modernity, with ingenuity and humour. Because — if you hadn't understood yet — UkeVal is a kind of leprechaun himself…

The last tale, entitled 'La Flûte de nez enchantée' ('The Magic Nose Flute') certainly captured our attention! It tells the story of Blondehilde. She's a tall musician-fairy of germanic origins, mastering the nose flute. Another character of this tale is Charles-Antoine, a kind of fat and black-dressed genie with a 'fume-étincelles' ('sparks smoking pipe'), used by him to materialize shapes. In order to comfort Blondehilde, whose cat Franzi had left for the cats paradise, Charles-Antoine begins a quest to find the most incredible nose flute for her…
Any resemblance to actual individuals or events is certainly not coincidental.

I really encourage you to read the rest of the story, as well as the other tales. Fun and pleasure guaranteed!

Pantins, Lutins, Nains de jardin… (et autres billevesées)
by Valéry Sauvage
Les Editions de Pied Pouzin
ISBN 9781530863471

The Kindle version (€2.99) can be get here: Pantins, lutins, nains de jardin...(e. version)

The paper edition (€12) is there: Pantins, lutins, nains de jardin...(paper version)


  1. It is very cool that the book of our beloved nosefluteval has been published. I am very much looking forward to reading the stories and I am sure that they are as original as the one I have read already!
    What about an audiobook next with stories and some noseflute, lute and ukulele music?

  2. Très cool! Some french exercises for me ;-)