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Sep 4, 2014

A series of new-old Humanatone ads.

I found new Humanatone advertisements dating of 1910 and 1911, all published in the Billboard.

The two first ones were published in the same issue, July 1910 (pages 16 and 115). The texts are indentical, but the layout and typo are a bit different (note the None genuine without trade-mark caption printed on the left border of the second one, that doesn't appear on the first ad.)

The other ones are more interesting. They were published in September 1911 (P. 109) and December 1911 (P. 83). Published in the Billboard, they are dedicated to professionals (music shops). First, they show the cool drawing of a concertist before a captivated audience, that we already saw on a user manual (check here). On those ad, the drawing has been redesigned (black tuxedo, more shadows on the stage, smaller but closer audience, etc.)

And more, the last one precises the gross price: $4.50, that is 3.125¢ per one piece! So cheap! And according to the September ad which tells a sample price fixed at 27¢, we can imagine the proportional huge benefit made by the retailer...

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