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Oct 10, 2012

Small Fry, by Will Grove-White

Will Grove-White, member of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, has just released his second solo album: Small Fry. The songs are played with a lot of pocket instruments: drums for children, mini-sax, bass Harmonica, piccolo trombone from Danmark, ukulele for sure and nose flute! [remember that Will has made great nose flute videos, see here and here].

Small Fry is a remarkable and funny album, with strange combinations. The idea was to make a "pocket album". And yes, everything is tiny and delicate, but the sound is great and gorgeous. From New Orleans to Blues, with some hint of Country and ballads, every tune sounds aerial, crystal clear, joyful.

Here is an excerpt of an interview given to Julie Kinot, of, and published in French on :

JK - I’ve noticed you have a «french» title : La Vie en Nose. You play nose flute on this one and you have recorded some videos of you playing noseflute on Youtube. What do you like in this instrument ?

WGW - Yes, of course I love the daftness of the noseflute, and it’s a deeply unattractive look while playing it. It seems like everything a musical instrument shouldn’t be. I have the Nosy Diva and Antoine at to thank for a lot of my enthusiasm, so any complaints should be addressed to them please. But ‘La Vie en Nose’ obviouly brings to mind Grace Jones, who is herself as mad as a box of frogs, and also prone to using daft plastic technology in her performances : I’m sure she’d have a go at the noseflute.

For our best pleasure, Will gently gave the authorization to publish La Vie en Nose, one of the 13 titles, which contains nose flute riffs. Please enjoy!:

You can get the Small Fry album here.


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  1. Superb! Great percussive use of the instrument, funny, fresh, cheerful: just nice!