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May 24, 2012

You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat is a weird psychedelic « rockumentary » from 1967, directed by Barry Feinstein, and featuring Tiny Tim, Frank Zappa, David Crosby, Hamsa El Din and other famous musicians.

« If "You Are What You Eat", then the performers in that film are made of flowers and bubble gum, with a dash of lollipops and a whiff of pot. It's like watching 6 home movies of your parents' wedding where the characters live -and move and have their being in a time out of mind.. The ancient world of the California hippie in the eternal summer of 1967 is the setting, packaged in the glittering celluloid colors of light shows, flowers, and painted bodies, and tied together with ribbons of pop music..
They're all here,Tiny Tim and The Mothers of Invention,even the Beatles, courtesy of Michael Butler, who joined Peter Yarrow [of Peter, Paul and Mary] in producing the film. »
(unidentified source, 1969)

« The soundtrack is phenomenal. The bright yellow cover is as eccentric as the vinyl itself that features audio cut-ups, squealing Moog synthesizers, relentless psychedelic improvisations, lounge music, Tiny Tim oddities, and the final appearance of The Hawks before they changed their name to The Band. »

Bill Crow wrote this text, in which he explains how he played the Humanatone to answer the request of John Simon (the music director), looking for a "really disgusting sound fot the national anthem" :

[From Birdland to Broadway - Scenes from a Jazz Life, by Bill Crow - PP236-237]

Unfortunately, it seems the recording was not kept in the soundtrack. I have not seen the movie neither, but I scanned the music tracks that are available on this page.

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