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Apr 4, 2012

Der Grindchor new CD : Blasphemia

We already posted several months ago about Das Original Oberkreuzberger Nasenflötenorchester, aka the Grindchor. They are a band of punk artists, mostly Germans from Berlin, and play nose flute over international hits. They have a very specific sound, like a bevy of crazy parakeets having taken amphetamines. Absolutely nothing to compare with Sensei Mosurin, for sure...

For their 20 years of existence, they made a a new CD, "Blasphemia", which compiles their greatests successes, like Ace of Spades, by Motörhead, which is named Ed am bäsen on the CD. All the original titles have been rebaptized. So, Poupée de cire, poupée de son, by Serge Gainsbourg was renamed Toupet to go, Reality (vlad. Cosma) is Dräumschen in echt, Helter Skelter is Alter Spalter, You don't have to say you love me (Dusty Springfield) became Fresse Dursty, and so on.

The CD contains 10 nice recordings, full of fun and energy, with a correct sound, which often lacks on the Youtube videos...

« Das 20-Jährige steht kurz bevor und "Blasphemia" bietet einen Vorgeschmack aufs Jubiläumsjahr: der Grindchor rockt auf der neuen Platte in die nächste Dimension, bis dann bei komplexer Mehrstimmigkeit gekuschelt werden darf. »

The CD (ornated by a magnificent mirror ball Nasenflöte) can be purchased for 10 euros at Rumpsti-Pumsti

You can check many of the titles on Youtube, and some fresh videos have been made to celebrate the 20th birthday of the Grindchor, such this one of Ace of Spades... oops! sorry... Ed am bäsen !


Das Original Oberkreuzberger Nasenflötenorchester will give 20-year Jubilee concerts :

04/14 : Sanderstüb'l Neukölln

04/28 : Monarch Kottbusser Tor


Der Grindchor official website

Der Grindchor on MySpace

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