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Feb 29, 2012

Nose flute and Bağlama !

Secret Archives of the Vatican is a British « transglobal breakbeat dub science music » band. Many of their pieces use sound collages, and the titles often are a joke or word game related to references.

In their album Reformation, there is a piece played with a bağlama (turkish lute) and a nose flute. It is a very short and light piece (21s) called « Careful with that noseflute, Louis », which obviously references the famous and psychedelic « Careful with that axe, Eugene », by the Pink Floyd (Ummagumma album).

In the bağlama part, I can recognize the very hypnotic « Ötme Bülbül » ("Don't sing, Nightingale"), a classic Açik song.


Secret Archives of the Vatican homepage
Secret Archives of the Vatican on MySpace



  1. Thanks for this. We recorded that track in 1997, I think, and released the album in 1998. Can hardly bring myself to listen to it now - we've come a long way musically since then! Thanks for the info about the sample. I think we got it from a CD that came with a musicians' magazine. There would have been no details as they usually have no idea what they're dealing with when it comes to 'exotic' instruments.

  2. Hello Vince!

    *I* thank you for this! Yes, I know you did a long way since, and made quite a bunch of astounding albums!
    I wish you the best, and wait for your next releases!

    Greetings from France,


  3. I like the combination of the instruments very much! Pity it is so short - looks like feedthediva! will have to do something for that instrumentation ;-)

  4. Hello NosyMusic!

    I agree, I would have loved this piece to last 2 more minutes... Feed the Diva could indeed think of getting the saz out of its soft case...